How to Choose a HPC provider

There are many providers for Homemaker/ Personal Care (HPC). When choosing a provider for a loved one or for yourself, you should match the services to your needs and wants. Make sure you ask questions, visit web sites, and talk to others. Your provider should also ask questions to make sure they are providing a service that matches the needs and wants of the consumer. Your provider should also match their staff to the consumer based on needs, wants, and personalities. Keep reading for our Top 10 things to look for...

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How To Choose?
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Top 10 Things to Look for in a Provider

  1. What type of interaction do the interviewers have with the person receiving services?
  2. What services are offered by the provider that are needed and or wanted by the consumer?
  3. How many hours can a provider offer. (Can they offer 24 hour a day service?)
  4. What do other consumers think about the provider?
  5. How are the services delivered by the provider?
  6. What happens in case of an emergency with the consumer?
  7. What happens if the staff does not show up?
  8. What if the consumer doesn't like the staff person who is working with him or her?
  9. What type of social activities are offered by the Provider?
  10. What type of training does the staff receive?